PW Map

I ran out of quests today and was bored, so i made a Perfect World map. I don’t know what it’s good for yet, but you can see where your character(s) is located at while the client is minimized or hidden for example. It supports multi client.

Here are some screenshots:
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

And heres the sourcecode:
and you’ll need that map picture (rename it to .bmp after saving). It has to be in the same folder like your script file:

Have fun with it, whatever it could be good for ;-)


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Pet Memory Adresses and Offsets (PWI v362)

Hey guys!

Today i show you how to read Pet stuff from memory!

Pet Base Adress: 10437900
Pet Base Offset 1: 32
Pet Base Offset 2: 4096
Pet Base Offset 3: 16

Offsets (all in “dword”):
Loyality: 4
Hunger: 8 (0 = Full, 1 = Satisfied, 2 = Pekish, 3 = Hungry)
Level: 32
Cur XP: 40
Cur HP: 56

Skill Levels and Cooldowns can be found at 72-116 but i won’t post them all now.

Thanks alot again to TheMadHatter from epvpers for his outdated post wich helped me a little to keep the orientation.

Here is a little example script in AutoIT wich shows how to read out the current HP value.

I’m working currently on Target XZY Positions and monster names. Thanks already to No0oB from epvpers.
Stay tuned!


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Little Tools


Here are two sourcecodes of some little tools made by me for PWI v362:
PWI 362 Loader incl Zoomhack – multiclient possible, feel free to add some features and show it :P

Title Renamer (changes the titles of all PWI clients running, even on multiclient, to “Perfect World [CHARACTERNAME]”:

And heres a screenshot of some example i worked on, while finding out the memory adresses:


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Example Scripts for Memory Addresses

Now i will show how to use some of these adresses with little AutoIT example scripts.

How to read current HP

How to read the Character Name

How to read X Y Z Position (including calculation for ingame coordinates)


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PWI v362 Memory Adresses

Hey guys!
This is an almost complete Pointer and Offset list for PWI version 362. Have fun!

The following memory adresses are written in decimal numbers, NOT in hex values.

PWI Pointer:
Next XP: 10440744 (Example how to use it: MemoryRead(Level * 4 + 10440744) = Experience Points needed for next level)

Unfreeze Toggle: 10439036 (set to 1 to have an active PW window, even if it’s in background, use “dword” to write)

Character Name: 10436384 (shows pointeradress to character name adress, use “wchar[xx]” to read, i used wchar[16], because i think a charname can’t be longer than 16 letters)

Zoomhack: 4226096 (write 235 in it and zoomhack is enabled, write 117 to disable again, in “byte”)

Base Adress: 10437900 (dword to read, Base Adress + Base Offset point to the base adress needed for all following offsets)
Base Offset: 32

Offsets for Base Adress Pointer:
All following results have to be read/written with “dword”
Current HP: 1132
Max HP: 1196
Current MP: 1136
Max MP: 1200
Spirit: 1144
Reputation: 1440
Chi: 1152
Gold/Coins: 1328
Current Exp: 1140
Level: 1124
AtributePoints: 1148
VitStats: 1180
MagStats: 1184
StrStats: 1188
DexStats: 1192
PhyAttackMin: 1232
PhyAttackMax: 1236
MagAttackMin: 1288
MagAttackMax: 1292
CritRate: 1164
Accurary: 1228
Evasion: 1320
PhyDef: 1316
Metal: 1296
Wood: 1300
Water: 1304
Fire: 1308
Earth: 1312

Class: 1560 (0 = Blademaster, 1 = Wizard, 2 = Psychic, 3 = Venomancer, 4 = Barbarian, 5 = Assasin, 6 = Archer, 7 = Cleric)

Spell ID: 1740 (shows the current spell casting, not possible to write as far as i know)

Status: 1648 (0 = Normal, 16 = Flying, 32 = Meditating)

Position: 1572 (0 = Land, 1 = Water, 2 = Sky)

Jump: 3068 (0 = Normal, 1 = Jumping)

Target: 2816 (read result is “0” if no mob/player selected, else it shows the MobID/PlayerID; can be written too to select Mobs/Players, but writing doesnt work properly on all systems as far as i know)

All following results have to be read/written with “float”
X Position: 60
Z Position: 64 (height)
Y Position: 68
Camera Facing: 1896 (shows horizontal camera position)
Camera Zoom: 2124 (shows zoom level, max 20 without zoomhack, min 0)

lolkop for helping me finding out some adresses
TheMadHatter (epvpers) for finding out some offsets
zevorc (epvpers) for zoomhack adress

Coming up: Target X Z Y Positions, and Pet Stuff… Stay tuned for updates! :-)


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Blog Started!

Hey guys!

I plan to show some of my progress in customizing and patching PWI and about other interesting stuff i might learn or find out about this very cool MMORPG. :-)

For people who don’t know: Perfect World International (PWI) is an online role playing game from China, comparable to World of Warcraft in some points, wich can be played with thousands of people at the same time. The game is Free to Play, but you can buy some additional ingame items for real money. The graphics are really beautiful, and i love the gamedesign and the gameplay. I’m only a noob at the moment, (I’m at level 37; max. level is 105) but I really enjoy it alot.

I love playing around with games and their memory or gamefiles and whatever else is possible, but i couldn’t find any coding/customizing community for PWI so far. If you know any, please let me know. ;-)
That was the main reason for me to start this blog.

Alot of people might say Perfect World is already perfect, and i admit its almost true. :D
But I think its really interesting to see how a game works, where stuff can be found, and how to work with the game. It’s almost like a treasure hunt. :-P
I always did that stuff with games i played, and i will do so now for Perfect World.

Everything i do is Open Source, so noone will have to be afraid to get a Virus or whatever. Whoever want’s to try my scripts and tools, has to download “AutoIT” from to use them. You can compile the stuff to an .exe file with AutoIT too, if you want, so you dont need an AutoIT installation anymore.

Well i hope you’ll have some fun here and find something you are interested in!


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