Blog Started!

Hey guys!

I plan to show some of my progress in customizing and patching PWI and about other interesting stuff i might learn or find out about this very cool MMORPG. :-)

For people who don’t know: Perfect World International (PWI) is an online role playing game from China, comparable to World of Warcraft in some points, wich can be played with thousands of people at the same time. The game is Free to Play, but you can buy some additional ingame items for real money. The graphics are really beautiful, and i love the gamedesign and the gameplay. I’m only a noob at the moment, (I’m at level 37; max. level is 105) but I really enjoy it alot.

I love playing around with games and their memory or gamefiles and whatever else is possible, but i couldn’t find any coding/customizing community for PWI so far. If you know any, please let me know. ;-)
That was the main reason for me to start this blog.

Alot of people might say Perfect World is already perfect, and i admit its almost true. :D
But I think its really interesting to see how a game works, where stuff can be found, and how to work with the game. It’s almost like a treasure hunt. :-P
I always did that stuff with games i played, and i will do so now for Perfect World.

Everything i do is Open Source, so noone will have to be afraid to get a Virus or whatever. Whoever want’s to try my scripts and tools, has to download “AutoIT” from to use them. You can compile the stuff to an .exe file with AutoIT too, if you want, so you dont need an AutoIT installation anymore.

Well i hope you’ll have some fun here and find something you are interested in!


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