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PW Map

Heya! I ran out of quests today and was bored, so i made a Perfect World map. I don’t know what it’s good for yet, but you can see where your character(s) is located at while the client is minimized … Continue reading

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Pet Memory Adresses and Offsets (PWI v362)

Hey guys! Today i show you how to read Pet stuff from memory! Pet Base Adress: 10437900 Pet Base Offset 1: 32 Pet Base Offset 2: 4096 Pet Base Offset 3: 16 Offsets (all in “dword”): Loyality: 4 Hunger: 8 … Continue reading

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Little Tools

Hi! Here are two sourcecodes of some little tools made by me for PWI v362: PWI 362 Loader incl Zoomhack – multiclient possible, feel free to add some features and show it :P Title Renamer (changes the titles of all … Continue reading

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Example Scripts for Memory Addresses

Hello! Now i will show how to use some of these adresses with little AutoIT example scripts. How to read current HP How to read the Character Name How to read X Y Z Position (including calculation for ingame coordinates) … Continue reading

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PWI v362 Memory Adresses

Hey guys! This is an almost complete Pointer and Offset list for PWI version 362. Have fun! The following memory adresses are written in decimal numbers, NOT in hex values. PWI Pointer: Next XP: 10440744 (Example how to use it: … Continue reading

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Blog Started!

Hey guys! I plan to show some of my progress in customizing and patching PWI and about other interesting stuff i might learn or find out about this very cool MMORPG. :-) For people who don’t know: Perfect World International … Continue reading

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